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All tablets, MP3 players, and smartphones are accepted by the ecoATM, even if they are broken, scratched, or otherwise unusable. Even though we might not be able to pay you in cash for some devices, we always make sure they are recycled or used again. We make going green simple, and your device might even be immediately worth money.

Any used electronic device that you don’t intend to keep and instead intend to recycle, reuse, or discard is considered e-waste. E-waste is a global issue that is getting worse due to how many electronics the average household uses each year. When a consumer no longer wants a product, one of three things tends to happen:

Less than 20% of electronics are safely recycled, which is unfortunate. Just a few of the advantages of recycling e-waste are listed here:

To backup and delete any potentially sensitive data, consider the following examples:

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How should my phone be configured for ecoATM ?

If you are selling us an Android device, you must perform a factory reset to remove all of your personal data from the device before selling it. dot. Google Settings, and select System. Click Advanced Reset Options. Simply select Erase All Data (Factory Reset).

In order to remove all of your personal information from an Android device before selling it to us, you must perform a factory reset. We advise backing up any photos or data that you’ll need access to later before you reset your device.

Different devices, models, and operating systems have different places where “Factory Reset” can be found. Do not forget your login credentials if you have a Google account set up on your device.

*If none of these options work, try typing “factory reset” into the search bar on your computer.

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Why will my iPhone not be accepted by the ecoATM?

All Apple phones that wish to use ecoATM must be deactivated from Find My iPhone in order for the kiosk to evaluate them. This is true for two reasons: First, most phones purchased by ecoATM are refurbished and given a second chance, and we are unable to do this with your device if Find My iPhone is still turned on.

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All Apple phones that wish to use ecoATM must be deactivated from Find My iPhone in order for the kiosk to evaluate them. This is due to the following two factors:

To have the quickest and easiest experience possible, follow these steps before going to an ecoATM.

1. A wireless network should be your connection. This confirms that iCloud has been unplugged. 2. Click Settings iCloud Find My iPhone on the home screen of your phone. 3. Turn Find My iPhone off. 4. The appropriate cord to plug into your device will be provided to you by ecoATM during your transaction at the kiosk. 5. On your phone, you will see a screen that will prompt you to “Trust This Computer.” 6. Then click “Trust.”.

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Does ecoATM accept wet phones?

EcoATM can be of assistance if your smartphone is too water-damaged to be repaired or if you simply want to get rid of an old model to make room for a new one. We’ll pay you immediately for your trade-in when you bring your unwanted device to an ecoATM kiosk.

  • If your phone also struck a solid surface, additional harm could result, such as a broken screen or chipped frame.
  • If you accidentally drop a phone in water, immediately take these actions:
  • Use silica gel, dry using the rice method, and hire a pro.
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Are phones with locked screens accepted at the ecoATM?

What you mean by “locked” when you refer to phones is up for debate. Yes, ecoATM will gladly accept your device if it is locked to a particular carrier. Just be sure to specify when you bring your phone to the kiosk that it isn’t functional.

Purchasing by machines Even though it seems like a bizarre scene from a Star Wars film, it occurs daily at Walmart, grocery stores, and other establishments. The future may look something like these reverse vending machines, which are giving us a preview. Although there are numerous businesses that provide a comparable service, ecoATM is the most well-known.

Each year, Americans bring millions of cell phones, tablets, and MP3 players to ecoATM kiosks. However, the general consensus is that ecoATM is not the best choice for selling your outdated technology.

The payouts aren’t great or even decent, as we’ll discuss, and there has been considerable controversy surrounding them. Selling to ecoATM, however, might make sense in a few specific situations. So hold on for ludicrous speed (yet another movie allusion!) as we delve deeper into ecoATM’s operation, payout schedule, and usage guidelines, as well as some advantages and disadvantages.

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Is ecoATM willing to buy a broken iPhone?

You can exchange any condition of a cell phone, MP3 player, or tablet at ecoATM kiosks. Your device might still be valuable even if it doesn’t turn on.

Since you’ll be wiping the data from the phone in a few steps, backing up your data is imperative if you have information on your phone that you’d like to keep. Data can be backed up in a few different ways:

Photos and articles will probably make up the majority of the data on your phone, but don’t forget to retrieve any saved files as well. Check your apps to make sure any crucial data will transfer to your new phone. For example, some health tracking apps require you to export and import your data, while some gaming apps may require you to create an account that saves your data. Generally speaking, if you are signed into an account, your information will transfer, but it never hurts to check.

You must disconnect any Apple® Watches that are paired with an iPhone before you can get it ready for sale. The same holds true for Bluetooth gadgets on iPhones and Android phones. Follow these instructions for Apple Watches:

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Does ecoATM have information on cracked phones?

No, at ecoATM, we accept all gadgets regardless of their sizes, colors, shapes, or operational characteristics. We will provide you with a price quote whether the device is perfect, has water damage, has a cracked screen, or no longer works.

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If my phone is cracked, can I still sell it?

You can sell your phone even if the screen is cracked. When people ask us whether it’s better to sell a broken phone with a cracked screen or whether they should get it fixed first, we typically respond that it’s not.

At The Big Phone Store, we always promise to give fair prices for broken phones—whether an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or Nokia. If you’re concerned about selling your broken mobile phone, want a hassle-free trade-in, and want an unbeatable price for your damaged handset, then you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, we pay out quickly for any damaged mobile phone—typically within a few days. Additionally, even if your device is beyond repair, you can still recycle it for free with our service to get rid of your broken phone as sustainably as possible. In order to sell us your damaged phone, place your order right away!

In a nutshell: Yes! Just because something is broken doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. Even so, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much your broken phone is actually worth. You might still be looking at a fantastic cash return for your device, depending on the make and model.

You won’t discover better offers for broken phones anywhere else than at The Big Phone Store, thanks to our price match guarantee. Additionally, we never use bank transfers; all payments are made in cash, so feel free to spend your earnings whenever, wherever, and however you please!

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How does ecoATM validate phones?

Device Security Check Before purchasing any pricey items, ecoATM kiosks will run the serial numbers of those items through the service to see if they have been reported stolen.

The ecoATM verifies the state in what ways?

The ecoATM uses a cutting-edge ID scanner and authentication software that not only takes a picture of the ID but also verifies its authenticity by checking for holograms, watermarks, or other particular authentication techniques used in all 50 states.

Can I sell a malfunctioning iPhone at the ecoATM?

You can exchange any condition of a cell phone, MP3 player, or tablet at an ecoATM kiosk. Your device might still be valuable even if it doesn’t turn on. Unless you want us to, we’ll recycle it properly for nothing.

Backing up your data is crucial because you’ll be wiping it from the phone in a few steps, assuming you have information on your phone that you’d like to keep. There are several methods for backing up data:

While photos and articles will probably make up the majority of the data on your phone, don’t forget to also retrieve any saved files. Verify that any important data will transfer to your new phone by going through your apps. For example, some health tracking apps want you to export and import your data, and some gaming apps want you to create an account so they can save your information. Your information should typically transfer if you are signed into an account, but it never hurts to check.

Unpair any Apple® Watches attached to an iPhone before putting it up for sale. The same is true for Bluetooth gadgets running on iPhones or Androids. The following actions should be taken for Apple Watches:

What is examined by the ecoATM?

Using AssureTec ID technology, ecoATM kiosks can electronically confirm the validity of an ID. High-resolution scanners from AssureTec can detect telltale signs of a fake ID that are invisible to the unaided eye.


Is a cracked-screen iPhone still worth anything?

IPhone 13: The price of an iPhone 13 with a cracked or broken screen ranges from $41 to $291. As always, buyback quotes are based on the storage capacity (128, 256, or 512GB), the carrier it is connected to, and the retailer you sell it to.

Our live repair and resale values will help you find the best place to sell broken iPhones if you’re ready to sell and need an objective comparison of your options to ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste. After all, Apple phones are expensive, right?

Get these solutions in one place by selecting your device from the list below.

With some real-time data, we can help you make this decision very easily!

Does an iPhone need to be reset for ecoATM?

Simply perform a factory reset on your phone, then bring it to one of the more than 5,000 ecoATM kiosks spread out across the country. After evaluating the condition of your phone, the kiosk will quickly make you an offer for cash.

A hard reset is another name for an iPhone factory reset. This feature enables iPhone users to completely restore their devices to their factory default settings. This procedure deletes all of the personal data on the device, leaving it as empty as the day you purchased it. A factory reset also updates the phone’s iOS software to the most recent version.

You have a completely blank iPhone that you can configure however you like when you restore iPhone settings to their factory state.

It’s important to understand the risks involved with performing an iPhone factory reset. The saved data on your device is permanently altered by the reset. For a variety of reasons, you might still want to learn how to delete iPhone settings. In order to ensure the security of your data during a sale or to resolve issues, a factory reset might be the best option.

Can you sell a broken phone?

You can still sell your old phone, though, even if it has a cracked screen, a scratched body, or a weak battery. Some services are even prepared to pay a fair price for a model that is just slightly damaged. In the unlikely event that your iPhone breaks, don’t panic.

You may have heard that there are numerous businesses and services that buy used mobile phones. It is not surprising that the majority of smartphones end up breaking in some way given that today’s smartphones are quite light and thin, in addition to some models being mostly screen. You can still sell your old phone even if it has a cracked screen, a body surface covered in scratches, or a weak battery. Even for a model with minor defects, some services are prepared to pay a fair price.

In the unlikely event that your iPhone breaks, don’t panic. We at Swappie might be able to assist. Even though a broken iPhone isn’t worth as much as an older model that’s in decent condition, it’s still worthwhile to see how much you can get for one. Therefore, before disposing of your broken phone and adding to the vast amount of electronic waste generated each year, see if there is anything that can be done. You may be able to sell your broken phone for cash.

You can sell your damaged phone and get paid for it, despite the fact that it might seem too good to be true. The best part is that you can easily do it online. Simply respond to a few straightforward questions regarding your broken phone to receive an instant price estimate.

(Video) INSTANT CASH! 2023 - (ECOATM $20 Promo Code) Kisok iPhone Sell 2023

Who purchases cell phones that have cracked screens?

Even if your phone is broken, whether it’s a broken iPhone, a broken Samsung Galaxy, or any other make or model, Mazuma Mobile, a company that specializes in buying old phones, can still be of assistance.

Even though we all try to take good care of our phones and smartphones, their constant use can put them in situations where they could sustain damage. Your phone may have a few scuffs, a broken screen, or be at least moderately battered. We’re here to help if you’ve ever wondered if you can sell your broken phone for money.

Yes, you can sell damaged phones to Mazuma for cash, to give you the quick answer. A phone can still be recycled even if it is defective. We can still use a phone even if it has a dented, scratched, or cracked screen. We even purchase water-damaged phones.

Numerous things can go wrong with or break a phone. We should be able to take the phone and recycle it, assuming it hasn’t been snapped in half. Below, we’ve broken down the broken phones we can buy in detail for your complete understanding.

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Does ecoATM take cracked iPhones? ›

ecoATM accepts all tablets, MP3 players and cell phones, even if they're cracked, scratched or unable to power on. Though we may not be able to offer a cash payment for some devices, we always ensure it's properly recycled or reused. We make it easy to go green, and your device may be worth cash on the spot.

Does ecoATM check for cracked screen? ›

No, we take all devices of all shapes, colors, sizes and working conditions at ecoATM. If the device has a cracked screen, water damage, is perfect, or no longer powers on we will give you a price quote.

Will the ecoATM take a disabled iPhone? ›

At ecoATM kiosks, you can trade in cell phones, MP3 players and tablets in any condition. Even if your device doesn't power on, it may have some value. If not, we'll responsibly recycle it for free.

Does ecoATM reject phones? ›

Screens Phones for Active Kill-Switch

If ecoATM detects an active kill-switch on any device being sold at an ecoATM kiosk, it will reject the transaction unless the user is able to deactivate it, thus proving to be the device's owner.

Can you get money for a cracked iPhone? ›

Can You Trade in a Broken iPhone & Get Paid? The short answer is yes you can sell your iPhone! Don't throw your broken iPhones away, even if they have water damage. Broken iPhones are often worth considerably more than you might imagine – if you sell them to the right buyer like a buyback program.

Does the Walmart phone machine take cracked phones? ›

EcoATM kiosks are located in popular stores including Kroger and Walmart across 48 different states, so there's a good chance you have one nearby. Compared to other companies that buy used phones, ecoATM offers the fastest payment method (instant cash) and accepts phones in any condition.

Can you trick an ecoATM? ›

If you want to sell your stolen iPhone how to trick ecoATM, is not possible. If your phone was stolen then ecoATM can find it within a few minutes. The ecoATM main aim is to discourage thieves from selling any kind of stole electronics.

Can I still sell my phone with a cracked screen? ›

Yes - you can sell your phone with a cracked screen. We often get asked whether you should sell your broken phone if the screen's damaged, or whether you're actually better off getting it fixed first, the answer we'd give to this is usually no.

How much is iPhone with broken screen worth? ›

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Yes, you can sell your iPhone 12 Pro Max with a damaged screen or frame. In fact, the average trade-in resale value from buyback stores is currently ranging between $90.00 to $332.00.

Does phone have to be unlocked to sell at ecoATM? ›

Locked phones? – That depends on what you mean by “locked.” If your device is locked to a specific carrier, then yes, ecoATM will happily take it. Just be sure to say that your phone isn't in working condition when you take it to the kiosk.

Does ecoATM give cash instantly? ›

Bring your used phone and a valid state ID to your local ecoATM kiosk. Place your phone in the kiosk and we'll evaluate your phone in real time. After examining your phone, we'll create an instant cash offer based on model, condition and current market value. If you agree to sell, we'll give you cash on the spot!

How do I prepare my phone for ecoATM? ›

If you are selling us an Android device, you must perform a Factory Reset to delete all of your personal information from the device prior to sale. Before you reset your device, we recommend backing up any photos or data that you'll want access to later.

Do I need my IMEI number for ecoATM? ›

The ecoATM® kiosk electronically extracts the serial number (IMEI, MEID, etc.) for each phone if technically possible. Images of the device are included on the transaction report. A valid government-issued ID is required for every transaction.

Where can I sell my iPhone with a broken screen? ›

GadgetGone accepts iPhones in a variety of different conditions, from brand-new to broken. We're the best place to sell your broken iPhone because unlike other trade-in sites, we'll pay you a fair price.

What can you do with a cracked iPhone? ›

How can I get iPhone screen repair?
  1. Schedule a visit. Make an appointment at an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store.
  2. Send in for repair. Arrange to mail your product directly to Apple.
  3. Schedule onsite service. An Apple Authorized Service Provider will come to your home or office.
  4. Contact us.

What can I do with broken iPhones? ›

For free recycling of your old device, a prepaid shipping label, and instructions, see the Apple Trade In website. The symbol above means that according to local laws and regulations your product and/or its battery shall be disposed of separately from household waste.

Is there a limit of phones that I can sell to the ecoATM? ›

It then automatically checks the unique phone ID against a local police database, which is updated regularly. If the ID isn't on the list, the machine instantly dispenses cash to the user. There are no limits on the number of phones an individual can deposit.

How much will the ecoATM pay for iPhone 13? ›

Who pays more? ecoATM VS
iPhone 13 (Verizon 128GB)$215$455
iPhone 12 (Unlocked 128GB)$190$324
iPhone SE 2 (AT&T 64GB)$29$62
iPhone 11 (Sprint 64GB)$105$140
31 more rows

Does anyone buy cracked phones? ›

Sell Your Broken Phone at MLG Cash

We are partnered with the UPS Store, allowing you to turn in your phone at any of the 5,000 UPS locations in the country. Each broken device we receive is recycled properly to reduce environmental pollution and recycle precious metals in your phone.

Does ecoATM take refurbished phones? ›

Finally, bring your unwanted smartphone to an ecoATM kiosk and see if you qualify for instant cash to put toward your refurbished phone purchase — no matter your phone's condition or value, we promise it will get the opportunity for second life.

What's Flipsy? ›

4.8. 1,661 Reviews. About this Company. is the leading online pricing guide that provides accurate values for books, devices, and other items based on current market trends.

How much is a cracked phone worth? ›

Typically depending on the buyback company you choose, you will get up to 80% of the brand new price for a used phone. If your device has got a cracked screen or frame, then you'll be looking to get about 30-50% and totally faulty devices can be as low as 10-20% of the brand new value.

How can I sell my screen damaged phone? ›

SellCell is the best place to sell broken phones, tablets and other tech because our unique price comparison technology compares prices from all the different broken cell phone buyers out there to get you the guaranteed most cash for your device, no matter what condition it is in!

How much does a cracked screen devalue a phone? ›

On average, phones with cracked or damaged screens will sell for approximately 50-80% of the resale value of a mint condition used smartphone. For more information about smartphone repairs and best reselling practices, contact My Phillie Wireless or schedule a repair appointment today!

Does GameStop buy broken iPhones? ›

Condition of the Device

Additionally, GameStop also buys broken or malfunctioning phones, but the trade-in value is lower depending on the condition of your phone. GameStop could pay less for a good-condition carrier-locked iPhone than for an unlocked iPhone of the same model and year.

How much does Apple pay for broken phones? ›

According to Apple Trade In - Apple the most they will offer you, assuming the phone turns on and the buttons work, is $25 USD. If you replace the screen the most you could receive is $210. An iPhone with a broken screen doesn't have any value for Apple trade-in. It can only be recycled for free.

What happens if iPhone back glass is broken? ›

Additionally, having an iPhone with broken back glass removes a significant layer of protection for your device. It can make it easier for water or any type of moisture or debris to get inside the glass, harming your phone to the point where it may not work properly.

Can I sell a phone that I found? ›

That means you cannot sell a phone or tablet that you reported as stolen and then found again; you cannot sell a lost phone that you happened to find; and you certainly cannot sell a phone that you or someone else has stolen. You can only legally sell a gadget that you own and is yours to sell.

Can I sell an iPhone that is locked? ›

There are no restrictions on selling an iCloud-locked iPhone. You must be honest about it and ensure the buyer understands that you do not have the Apple ID or password to access the phone and unlock its features completely. If it is possible at all, remove the iCloud lock before you try to sell it.

How much can I get for a locked iPhone? ›

iCloud locked iPhones are worth almost nothing and are generally only purchased by companies who scrap them for spare parts. You'll have a very hard time finding interested buyers, as companies like GadgetGone do not accept iCloud locked iPhones.

How do you unlock iPhone before you sell it? ›

Enter your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off. If you're using iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud > Sign Out. Tap Sign Out again, then tap Delete from My [device] and enter your Apple ID password. Then go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out.

Do I remove SIM card for ecoATM? ›

Generally, you will remove and keep your SIM card when selling or trading in your smartphone — especially if you're keeping your service contract with the same carrier. If you do include the SIM card in your sale, though, make sure it's been properly and preemptively cleared.

How do you unlock an iPhone that is locked to iTunes? ›

Press and hold the correct button for your iPhone while immediately connecting your iPhone to the computer. Don't let go of the button. Keep holding the button until you see the recovery mode screen on your iPhone, then let go. If you see the passcode screen, you need to turn off your iPhone and start again.

Can I sell my Apple Watch to ecoATM? ›

We accept all devices: Whether Apple, Samsung, Google or another manufacturer — no matter the age, condition, model or brand — ecoATM takes it. Unlike Apple and other retailers, we don't care what your phone looks or performs like. We are just here to help you sell or recycle your device.

Where can I sell broken electronics? ›

Selling broken electronics is better than trashing or recycling them!
  • Decluttr.
  • SellCell.
  • ecoATM.
  • GreenBuyback.
  • GadgetScouter.
  • Ebay/Amazon.
  • Craigslist.
  • Local Facebook sale groups.
Mar 13, 2023

How does ecoATM make money? ›

The primary way EcoATM makes money off the old devices it buys is by reselling them. However, the company also buys some of the phones to recycle their electronic parts. The company, which launched its first kiosk in 2009, now has 1,510 locations in 41 states.

What can I do with old broken iPhones? ›

For free recycling of your old device, a prepaid shipping label, and instructions, see the Apple Trade In website. The symbol above means that according to local laws and regulations your product and/or its battery shall be disposed of separately from household waste.

Is there anywhere that buys broken iPhones? ›

Yes! GadgetGone accepts iPhones in a variety of different conditions, from brand-new to broken. We're the best place to sell your broken iPhone because unlike other trade-in sites, we'll pay you a fair price.

How much does a iPhone 12 go for on ecoATM? ›

iPhone 12: $649. iPhone 12 Max: $749. iPhone 12 Pro: $999.

Are really old iPhones worth anything? ›

The first-generation iPhone, for instance, is now worth as much as $24,000 in the packaging on eBay, according to the Guardian. The original iPod classic – which launches all the way back in 2001 – reportedly goes for as much as $49,000 on resale websites.

Can I trade in my phone if it's cracked? ›

If your phone has physical damage, like a cracked screen or missing buttons, you can't turn it in.


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